What role do you see yourself in?

We are

We’ve been active contributors in the crypto world for quite some time. In fact, we’re probably behind some projects you’ve encountered before. We kept ourselves hidden for years, but now that’s changing.

Blockchain can be an interesting thing, but it doesn’t really mean much on its own. We’re not flashy marketing experts trying to feed on the hype, nor are we launching a fancy ICO.

For many years, we’ve been working on technologies essential for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — projects with real potential to change the world! Now, we’re looking for committed, like-minded people to join us.

We operate Slush Pool, the world's first mining pool and help to ensure the security of the whole Bitcoin network (yeah, that blockchain), all while stabilizing the income of miners.

Last year we made waves in the mining industry with Braiins OS, the first fully open-source firmware for mining devices. If cryptocurrencies are to be successful and trustworthy, they must be as open as possible.

Projects with impact

10% of all the newly mined bitcoins flow through our site every day. That’s ~ 5500 BTC per month. It’s a challenge, it’s a responsibility, and it’s also a nonstop stream of text notifications when a server in China decides to give up.

Krypto představuje budoucnost.
Nehledejte za tím ale velký exit nebo rozhovory ve Forbesu.

co-CEO & co-Founder

Díky kryptu mají nerdi zase šanci měnit svět :)

Pavel Moravec
co-CEO & co-Founder

Bitcoin is the future.

Don’t look for a big exit or Forbes interview in it though.


Thanks to crypto, nerds have a chance to change the world again :)


Our principles

There should be a vision and motivation behind everything. At Braiins, we share a vision of a free world, and cryptocurrencies fit right into it. We’re motivated and fascinated by technological advances and an opportunity to help create a better world.

However, we’re connected through more than just an effort to positively influence cryptocurrency development: At Braiins we like to think outside the box and try out unconventional approaches.

If you aren’t afraid of constructive criticism and you can handle possible failure — all while maintaining your cool — you’re our kinda person. We value personal responsibility as much as we value sharp intelligence and courage.

We're mostly concerned with your interests, your creativity, and putting your innovative ideas to good use.

We like working with people face-to-face, but that doesn't mean we want to be looking over your shoulder the whole time. Everyone works differently, and we respect that, so we give you the freedom to manage your time and workflow/workload.

What can you look forward to?

Become a member of a company that moves the world of crypto.

Collaboration with top talents in the field.

Flexible working time and home office.

A chill work environment in the heart of Karlin, Prague.

Common breakfasts and regular team get get-togethers.

Fair money for a job well done.

Shoot us your CV or get in touch with Kristýna.