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Funding Braiins operations

I am interested in future rounds
Issuance of bonds worth 20,000,000 CZK in total value, with an interest rate of 9.5% APY and quarterly interest payments. Issue: Q4 2022.

If you are interested in Braiins bond offerings please reach out to us.

About Braiins

The company Braiins Systems, was founded in 2011. At the moment it employs about 100+ experts of 6 different nationalities. 

Our products and services
Braiins Pool

World’s first mining pool with more than 1.25 million BTC mined since 2011.

Operates the first and oldest Bitcoin mining pool.

Over 12,000 clients from 100 countries around the world have connected more than 100,000 mining devices to the pool.

Braiins Pool is operated by Braiins Mining Ltd.

Enterprise edition firmware for ASIC miners

Braiins OS+ runs on more than 100 000 devices.

The Enterprise version of the original open-source Braiins OS firmware now supports the majority of the devices from Bitmain. This accounts for about 60% of the BTC mining machines market. First version of the firmware was released 04/2020.

Open-source firmware for ASIC miners

Other products and services are under development

Why are we issuing bonds?

All the company’s income is in BTC

The company anticipates an appreciation in the price of BTC compared to fiat currencies. The company prefers to finance its operation with borrowed funds to maximize the amount of BTC held on its balance sheet.

Investment into development of products and services
Development of new products

Launching a new product that strategically builds on our mining pool operation.

Development and sale of a unique three-phase power supply used for cryptocurrency mining and data centre operation.

Q4 2022 Bonds issuance

  • Issue of bonds worth 20,000,000 CZK
  • Date of Issuance 1.10.2022
  • Interest rate of 9.5% APY
    with quarterly interest payments.
  • Subscription period 1.10.2022 - 31.1.2023
    (additionally extended to 1. 10. 2023)
  • Total value of 20,000,000 CZK
  • One bond has a value of 50,000 CZK
  • Due date 30.9.2025
  • Paper security
  • Transferable
  • The issue is registered with the central registrar
Bond issuance conditions


What do we use the collected money for?

The raised funds will be used for ongoing operations and the development of new software products that strategically build on our mining pool.

How can we afford to pay back the bonds?

Profit from commissions for providing mining pool services and development fee for our firmware.

How did we do with our previous bond offering?

Our last offering was oversubscribed and all interest payments have been made to schedule so far. Interested parties who were unable to secure an allocation in the last offering have been added to a waiting list for future offerings.

How do we deliver the bond to the buyer?

By post, in person and possibly by a third party.

How are the bonds secured?

The bonds are secured by all the assets of the issuing company. At the same time, none of the bond holders has preferential or disadvantageous terms and conditions in relation to the other bond holders, nor do they have any additional rights and obligations towards them.

How are interest payments calculated and what is the payment schedule?

The interest is calculated annually (9.5% per annum) and on a straight-line basis. Interest payments are made at the end of every quarter, to the account of the bondholder.

How are bond yields taxed?

For individuals, we withhold tax on the proceeds so that the owner receives the interest after tax. Legal persons, whether companies or entities, tax the interest themselves according to the tax regime in which they operate.


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