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Bitcoin Mining Handbook

Written by Daniel Frumkin

With contributors: Dave White, Tyler Cohoon, Magdalena Gronowska (Crypto Mags), Zack Voell, Matyas Kuchar

Bitcoin Mining Handbook

The 1st book in the series, the Bitcoin Mining Handbook starts with the basics of mining, explaining the incentives of proof of work, some practical tips for mining yourself, and clearing up a common misconception by explaining that miners are NOT solving complex math problems. Then it dives a little deeper, touching on the emergence of custom firmware for miners, the importance of the Stratum V2 protocol upgrade, and the business side of the mining industry. Finally, the book wraps up with a selection of the finest mining memes of early 2022.

Braiins Publishing
115 pages
150 x 210 mm
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Crypto Mags

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About the authors

Daniel Frumkin

Main Author

Daniel has a background in mechanical engineering and has been working in the bitcoin industry since 2017. He worked at Braiins from 2019-2022 on technical writing, research, content production, and building the Braiins Insights business intelligence platform for miners.

Magdalena Gronowska


(aka Crypto Mags) is a Bitcoiner who has over a decade of experience in energy and carbon markets. She is a co-founder of a mining hosting provider, Citadel256.

Tyler Cohoon


Tyler has a background in mechanical engineering and worked for Braiins helping with technical writing, support and content production during 2021. Since then he has continued to work full time in the mining industry as well as mining at home.

Matyas Kuchar


Matyas is co-founder of two bitcoin conferences: Btc Prague and Chaincamp. He loves books, people, bitcoin and using his own brain cells. Big fan of austrian economy, disruptive technologies and opting out from the system.

Dave White

Other Author

Dave White is a Professional Engineer and marketing professional with more than a decade in the commercial and industrial power sector. As a machine builder, he was quickly bitten by the bitcoin mining bug, spending countless hours tuning everything from GPU mining rigs to SHA-256 ASICs; Braiins OS+ is his firmware of choice.

Zack Voell


Zack has a background in technical writing and crypto research with many of the industry's leading companies, including Blockstream and Messari. He is currently and independent mining researcher studying the impacts of Bitcoin infrastructure on global energy production.

“The Bitcoin Mining Handbook is an essential tome for everyone new to bitcoin mining. It gives a broad overview of the industry and offers key insights that will help you decide if mining bitcoin is right for you.”
Steve Barbour
Upstream Data