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Bitcoin: Separation of Money and State

Written by

Josef Tětek

With contributors:

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Bitcoin: Separation of Money and State

In a rapidly transforming world where even institutions like the church, education, and media have freed themselves from state control, Czech economist Josef Tětek poses a compelling question: should the state control money?

In this thought-provoking book, you will embark on an immersive exploration of monetary history, where you'll encounter the profound insights of Austrian economists, unravel the significance of time preference, and gain an understanding of the intricate pitfalls that come with relying on state-controlled money.

Don't miss the chance to learn about the ground-breaking alternative that Bitcoin offers—an alternative that promises to transform our financial landscape—as you explore the book's persuasive argument for separating money from the state. Get your copy now and uncover the future of money.

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About the authors

Josef Tětek


Josef Tětek is an economist and author. He has dedicated his career to studying the nature of money. Josef works as a bitcoin analyst at Trezor, the maker of the first hardware wallet. Notably, he also contributes his insights to Bitcoin Magazine and is a regular speaker at bitcoin conferences. Josef is the host of the Stackuj Podcast. Follow him on Twitter where he shares his bitcoin wisdom under the handle @SatsJoseph.

When it comes to bitcoin, Josef offers some interesting ideas on the way adoption will occur. Bitcoin will permeate across economic activities from wage payment, to online shopping, to in person payment systems. But perhaps most relevant for our time, bitcoin brings back a renaissance in savings.
Stephan Livera
Josef Tětek’s book is a clear and concise introduction to the ideas that comprise the bitcoin rabbit hole: Austrian economics, time preference, the history of money, and the misuse of the state’s power over money. A worthy read.
Marek Slush Palatinus
By taking the reader on a journey through the history of money and the role of the state in its control, Josef lays the groundwork for readers to understand bitcoin's revolutionary potential. If you want to be financially prepared for what the future might hold, you have to read this book.
BTC Gandalf