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Hashrate Aggregation proxy

Reduce data loads, configure parallel usage of multiple pools, set backup pools and more. All from one app.

Optimize your bitcoin mining ops

Hashrate aggregation software to optimize large scale mining operations.

from farm
to any pool

Decrease data usage

Decrease data transfers between your farm and pool by 95%*. This is achieved via hashrate aggregation in Braiins Farm Proxy to only send more valuable share submissions while still getting rewarded for your full hashrate. It also works for devfee hashrate if using Braiins OS.

* Depends on number of miners and configuration.

see the documentation
up to 95 %
less data usage
diversify with
multiple pools

Multiple pools

Use multiple pools simultaneously to diversify income sources and decrease operational risk. Configure the hashrate allocated to each pool with a single setting and Braiins Farm Proxy will distribute your hashrate automatically.

no fees

Braiins Farm Proxy with all its features is free of charge and can be used on any pool. However, some features such as encrypted communication may not be available on pools besides Braiins Pool.

More features

Network optimization

Braiins Farm Proxy constantly monitors connection quality and automatically directs hashrate to the optimal-performing endpoint.

Configuration via GUI

Configure your Proxy in a few configuration steps in your browser. Manage multiple configuratio profiles, easy switching.

Customizable groupings

Define as many miner groups (e.g. per-rack, container, or hosting client) as desired and configure each of them separately.

Backup pools

Set up a backup pool for all your miners and Braiins Farm Proxy will automatically switch to it if your primary pool stops responding.

Advanced monitoring

View basic farm info via a Grafana dashboard or set up more advanced monitoring via an API for expert users.

Dev fee aggregation

For Braiins OS users, data aggregation applies to your own hashrate and the dev fee portion of your hashrate.


Learn more about the installation process, functionality, and configuration options.

Need help?

Our dev and support teams are always available to help.


How can I install and run the Braiins Farm Proxy using Windows?

Linux and ARM architecture are supported, not Windows. Braiins Farm Proxy can be either downloaded as a stack of Docker containers (together with Prometheus, Grafana and Node Exporter) or as a standalone image from the public Braiins Github repository.

Can I run Farm Proxy as a standalone application rather than in a stack of Docker containers?

Yes, it can be downloaded and run as a standalone application. The image is available on the public Braiins Github repository.

Which mining pools can I use with the Braiins Farm Proxy?

All major publicly available mining pools are supported by Braiins Farm Proxy. Tested mining pools are: AntPool, Binance pool, pool, F2Pool, Luxor, Poolin, SBI Crypto Pool, Braiins Pool, ViaBTC pool.

Which ASIC firmwares can be connected to the Braiins Farm Proxy?

Tested miners were Antminers S9, X17, X19, Whatsminers M2x/M3x and Avalon miners with stock firmware and Braiins OS.

How does the Braiins Farm Proxy work? How is the bandwidth optimization achieved?

Braiins Farm Proxy can decrease data transfers between your farm and pool by up to 95%. This is achieved via hashrate aggregation in Farm Proxy to only send more valuable share submissions while still getting rewarded for your full hashrate.

Is the Braiins Farm Proxy open-source?

No, Braiins Farm Proxy is free of charge although it is not open-source. See the full license.

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