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Partnership Program

The more hash rate you bring to
Braiins OS, the more you will receive.

Building strategic relations with key players in the Bitcoin mining industry to leverage the value of Braiins OS per-chip tuning firmware.

Become a partner


Partners offer us value through their own extended networks and can directly contribute to the growth of Braiins and our product suite. In return, Braiins offers financial incentives in the form of dev fee split that rewards you with a percentage of the Braiins OS BTC(i) income generated from the entire hashrate you bring to the firmware.


The Braiins Partnership Program (BPP) offers a mutually beneficial relationship between Braiins and BPP participants. While we have an extensive network within the bitcoin mining industry, we realize there are still many opportunities outside of our current sphere.

  • Anyone who refers 50 Ph/s or more of SHA-256 hashrate on Braiins OS

  • Hosting facilities, mining pools & other Bitcoin mining companies

  • Mining management software that integrates Braiins OS

  • Media companies with large audiences (mining focused)

  • Individuals and/or organizations that can significantly contribute to Braiins full mining stack

About Braiins OS

Braiins OS is a per-chip autotuning firmware for SHA-256 ASIC miners allowing you to optimize for the best possible efficiency or maximum hash rate based on economical considerations.

  • How autotuning works

    When a user provides a maximum allowed power consumption in Watts, the system will automatically optimize the frequencies on each individual chip such that the highest quality chips do the most mining work and the lower quality chips do less work. This increases the overall efficiency of the ASIC across a wide spectrum of power inputs.

  • Per-chip tuning results

    Performance results vary by miner depending on the condition of their chips and local environment. While there is a wide range of factors that account for performance figures, most clients experience an increase in efficiency of 15-20% or an increase of 2-3 Th/s in max hash rate (S9 models).

  • Braiins OS is based on our open-source firmware, Braiins OS. It replaces CGminer with BOSminer, which is written from scratch by the Braiins development team. For this reason, Braiins OS is 100% GPL compliant.

  • GPL compliance

    BOSminer (the CGminer replacement):While competing firmwares are based on CGminer but don’t publish their alterations to the CGminer sources, Braiins avoids potential GPL violations by working exclusively in BOSminer, our own proprietary software. Our auto-tuning algorithms remain closed-source as it does not alter the base functionality of BOSminer (open-source version). Read the whole story of BOSminer here.


  • Per-chip autotuning algorithm

  • Bulk device installation

  • Pre-heat option

  • Immersion cooling support

  • Automatic updates

  • English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Farsi language support

  • Unlocked SSH

  • Auto-save tuning

  • Stratum V2 support

  • BOSminer

  • Dynamic Power

  • Bulk configuration

  • Supported by numerous industry management solutions


Be sure to include all detailed information as well as meet all the eligibility requirements. For more information about the partnership obligations please refer to the Partnership Program Agreement.

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