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Hashrate Target - new ASIC firmware feature

Target a fixed hashrate output with optimized power consumption using the Braiins OS+ Hashrate Target firmware feature.

Published on Sep 19, 2022
Published on Sep 19, 2022

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Setting your own hashrate target matters.

Have you ever dreamed of overclocking your miner in a set-it-and-forget-it way? Were you ever frustrated by fluctuating hashrate output and repeated tuning for different power levels?

Well, the latest release of our custom ASIC firmware Braiins OS+ 22.08 delivers all of this.

What is the Hashrate Target feature?

For the long three years of Braiins OS+ existence, miners have been accustomed to set their Power Limit, the expected power consumption level at which you wanted your miner to operate (and OS to find the best performing profile for your chips). But this setting would never give the exact hashrate (TH) output or count how modern ASIC chips operate. So, power consumption often exceeded the given power limit anyway.

But Hashrate Target changes all of this.

We don't want to focus on the power consumption. We want miners to have clear insight into what to expect for their hashrate output. That is the essence of Hashrate Target. Does a miner have stock output 100TH? Do you want to overclock by 10%? Set 110TH and let the machine run. The Braiins OS+ will make sure that hardware is mining at this output with the most efficient profile.

There are tradeoffs for using this feature, however.

By using this feature, a miner is no longer in control of their power consumption. After setting the Hashrate Target, the firmware will determine the power consumption on its own. However, the miner can be sure it does so with only one goal in his mind - to make the most of their ASICs and deliver the best J/TH ratio for the given hardware.

Take a look under at the settings:

As you can see from the image above, the main user facing changes happened in the Configuration - Performance section of the user interface.

Dynamic Performance Scaling

DPS feature (previously known as Dynamic Power Scaling) changes to Performance scaling as you can now choose to target either the Power as the goal or Hashrate as the goal. We added the Hashrate Target mode and, with this, renamed Power Limit to Power Target. Now, these two settings are in line. The functionality of the power controls stays the same though.

Also, in this update, Dynamic Performance Scaling has been reworked. The default step is now roughly an equivalent of 300W and offers for miner models and variants. You can always change it to whatever works best for you.

Even though these changes may seem simple, be sure the engineering workload to deploy thee setting was considerable. The whole Braiins developer team is excited for its miners to start using these features for their hardware. As you use these settings, do not hesitate to contact the Braiins team with questions, comments or complaints.

You can view the changelog also in our documentation.
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